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The world does not stand still – the demands of modern, up-to-date travel management is subject to continuous change. In the past, the organisation of transport and accommodation were usually at the centre of focus, while in today’s digitalised, globalised age there are a number of additional aspects that play a major role.

As the leading Swiss business travel provider bta first travel consistently aims to fulfil the market’s requirements. Individuality, efficiency, innovative power, with a close eye on customer needs, are the cornerstones of bta first travel’s business travel management and form the basis to sustainably reduce your company’s travel costs. Let us get to know you so we can discuss the options.


Get a comprehensive overview on the legal topics of social security certificate (A1 certificate) and EU declaration for your business trip to EU/EFTA countries.

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The time-tested ABC principle forms the basis for bta first travel’s customer support.

  • Analyse & understand
  • Build & implement
  • Continuous support


Pro-active support with claiming compensation payments in cases of flight delays and/or cancellation.
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Meaningful travel cost analyses are valuable aids for both controllers and travel managers. btaANALYSIS regularly supplies you with detailed information about travel behaviour and cost distribution, divided into cost unit and/or traveller. What cost savings were realised? Missed savings opportunities are displayed and accompanied by reasons. btaANALYSIS allows you to keep an overview of all travel activities in your company at all times!

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Carbon-neutral  business travel – let’s make it happen!
Compensate your carbon emissions with btaCLIMATE. Compensations are automatically re-invested in the foundation’s climate-protection-initiatives and you’ll also be provided with corresponding certificates.  
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The perfect solution for simplifying and accelerating expense reporting process within you company. Paperless and now even more efficient thanks to artificial intelligence and integrated handwriting recognition.

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Airfares are often offered at different levels and conditions, depending on country of sale – and this for the same route. At bta first, we use btaGLOBALFARES, a tool that allows us to instantly verify airfare offerings in different source markets, in order to pick the very best deal for you.


Exclusively available from us: The clever insurance solution for business trips, where the cancellation costs are covered even if the business partner cancels the appointment. As an added value, the risk coverage in the event of airline insolvency is included.

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Use the btaMOBILE APP to have your travel documents handy in your pocket! Web-check-in to your next flight? Another convenient feature you can take care of directly from your itinerary in the btaMOBILE APP. You will find additional helpful information regarding your travel destination, restaurant tips, weather info and a currency converter (available for Android & iOS).
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This is the popular and well established solution for online travel bookings at bta first travel. Queries, bookings in real-time, modifications and analysis for flight, car rental, accommodation and/or ground services are easily and efficiently managed with only a few clicks. It goes without saying that btaONLINE is set up fully compliant with your corporate travel policy. 
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Your corporate travel policy defines the behaviour during business travel activities. Our time-tested btaPOLICY BUILDER shows you how the cost side can effectively be influenced by selective adjustments to your travel policy without any loss of comfort for your travellers.


Thanks to btaPROFILE you always have an overview of all of your corporate travellers’ profiles. You can manage the profiles conveniently from your desktop. They are not only automatically synchronised in bta ONLINE’s booking platform, but also transferred directly into bta first travel’s travel management system. Profiles can also be directly integrated from your HR system on request.
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Icon-Safetrip btaSAFETRIP

A quick localisation of persons on a trip is particularly important in the event of unforeseen incidents. Who is currently where? Thanks to btaSAFETRIP you can localise travellers conveniently and within seconds at the click of a mouse on a graphical global map and contact them accordingly.

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Thanks to our out-of-hours service you can reach us at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. This service offers a maximum of comfort in particular in terms of travels to other time zones. A change of schedule? Rebooking? Support for a suitable accommodation during your trip? bta24/7 supports you around the clock.
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